Sport & Wellness Solutions, based in Toulouse in south-west France, specialises in equipment to support fitness and well-being.

The company was born from a meeting of two people with a common vision: making high-performance fitness equipment accessible to all.

The team’s first brand “Recoldery” has allowed them to harness their expertise in cold water therapy.

Leur promesse : « Une solution pour tous à l’accès aux meilleurs équipements sportifs, et un accompagnement vers l’amélioration de votre performance ».

RECOLDERY offers high-performance equipment within everyone’s reach.

Until recently cold baths were reserved for the sporting elite, but the physical recovery they offer is beneficial to all athletes. RECOLDERY has overcome this hurdle – anyone, at any level, can benefit from high-quality products and levels of support to reach peak performance.

Our top priorities are quality and accessibility.

We listen to our customers.

For every challenge there is a solution to be reached together.

Your peak performance is at the very heart of what we do.