Eau froide, remède naturel

The past years, immersion in cold water after an intensive physical practice is much higher for the
top level athletes.

But what its effects really are on the recovery process?

Above all, it’s important to know that the cold water enable a hydrostatic pressure who bring about a
displacement of extremity fluids toward the center, this will allow to increase the cardiac output and
help the elimination of metabolic wastes along. Indeed, the first assessment is bound by water
temperature (between 5° and 18° degrees), this allows reducing the body temperature after an
important physical effort.

Secondly, we note that cold water immersion allows getting a hydrostatic pressure provoking the
displacement of metabolic wastes, leads to a decrease of muscular edema who will allow reducing
the pressure exerted on the sensorial receptor of the pain generating a nerve message when it’s
stimulated. So, the use of cold bathes is also an analgesic very effective on the physical recovery

According to Yann Le Meur (Sport Scientist), immersion in cold water is a major player in physical
recovery process of the individual. Furthermore, this method has an effect on the quality of the
sleep. Besides a physical recovery, a cold water immersion in the form of cold bathes would have a
beneficial effect on the improvement of sporting achievements.

Moreover, recovery is a key point of physical perform, it will allow to improve its future performs.
This method, who has conquered the athletes, widen among physiotherapist or whether
thalassotherapy centers in order to promote the recovery or to get the benefit of cold water.


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