Eau froide, remède naturel

We know it, today the cold water is used in the form of cure, in several pathologies’ treatment.

The cold hydrotherapy, practiced since antiquity by the Romans, has been put in 1849 by the German
Sebastian KNEIPP.
At the aged of 26, Sebastian KNEIPP, theology student, discover that he had contracted tuberculosis,
diagnosed by his doctor of incurable.

Condemned, he decide with the help of Doctor HAHN (“strength and effects of cold water on the
human body”), to administer himself the last chance treatment, a running followed by an immersion
in Danube frozen water whose temperature not above 5°. At a rate of twice a week, it didn’t take a
long time to get entirely cured of his disease.

That is when Sebastian KNEIPP develop, a curative treatment based on hydrotherapy.

Re-establish equilibrium of the body, it’s the main goal of his method in his name, today used in the
entire world like preventive and curative treatment. His mechanism is simple, the cold water
immersion between 5 and 18° forced the body to generate his heat energy to maintain his
temperature and eliminate the metabolic wastes.

“Water is source of benefits; it’s the simplest therapy, the most economical and – used wisely – the
surest “Sébastian Kneipp.

Fight and treat the diseases, the first use of cold bathes, today democratized and is used by
sportsmen as treatment to improve the muscular recovery and fight against post-exercise pains.
Method frequently used by elite sports, each years there are more and more members and it’s
adopted by sportsmen. This recovery method was the subject of an article “the cold bathes use in
the physical recovery process” resuming the cold water immersion process and provide effects on
the sportsmen.

As we have seen, multiple uses of cold bathes exist, whether in prevention, to treat a pathology or
for the physical recovery, the benefits of the cold water had not finished to surprise us.


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